Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

3 - Good (Contemporary American)

An institution that puts "Good" on its awning better be able to deliver just that - Good food. And, I am happy to report that they have GREAT food. I recently visited for brunch with a group of friends and was able to try quite a few items and my tummy was full of deliciousness afterward. Pancakes with fresh peaches, Hand-rolled orange sour cream donuts, Blueberry almond bread, Pear pecan crumbcake, Basil and goat cheese egg scramble over sourdough with cherry tomatoes, asparagus and pesto, and Banana cream cheese stuffed French toast were among the things I was able to taste. Everything was delish and I am SO glad I was able to taste so many things. I like the decor of the restaurant - it has sort of a modern antique feeling to it...perfect for eating a great brunch!

LAST VISIT: 6/27/2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

3 - Two Boots [Pizza]

LAST VISIT: 6/2010

I LOVE, love, love, love Two Boots!!!! They have fantastic cornmeal crust (and cornmeal isn't always my favorite thing) and their sauce is just a tad spicy, giving the pizza a fun kick. Two Boots has fun topping combinations or you can make it your own way. White pizza, red sauce, tomatoes, Creole chicken, eggplant, etc. YUMMO!!!!!!!!!!!!! This pizza never gets old and I am ALWAYS asking my husband if we can order it! I am not sure it is considered "New York" pizza, but it is my favorite!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2 - Vegetarian's Paradise 2 [Vegetarian: Pan-Asian & Pacific Rim]

LAST VISIT: 5/2009

For vegetarian food, this place is great! Overall I like the food, however, the ambiance of the restaurant is not my favorite - it is a little dark and a little outdated. I prefer the "chicken" dishes (especially the fried ones) over the "beef" dishes because the consistency and taste seem to be more like the real thing. Their menu is large offering many items choose from.

FYI - just because it is vegetarian doesn't mean it is more healthy. A lot has to go into that fake meat for you to think that it even compares to real meat - that means oil, frying, butter, etc.

1 - Tony's DiNapoli [Italian]

LAST VISIT: 9/2008

Tony's DiNapoli's gives me the ebee jeebees. If you like cheesy, tasteless Italian food then you should try this place. I don't have much more to say about Tony's except their food is not quality and should not be considered good NYC food.

3 - Peanut Butter & Company [Sandwiches]

LAST VISIT: 6/8/2010

PB&Co. is about as simple as you can get as far as restaurants are concerned in NYC. Simple and a tad country. BUT...I love it! I love everything about it. It is easy, inexpensive and just plain fun. Every type of PB sandwich you can think of has been made here. And, it is like taking a trip down memory lane like when mom handed you your sack lunch and you just couldn't wait for your pb&j at lunch time at school.

My favorite creation is The Elvis (A grilled peanut Butter sandwich, stuffed with bananas and honey) with a side of marshmallow fluff. Each sandwich comes fully equipped with ruffled potato chips and carrots. At first thought I was turned off by the sides (still am by the carrots), but once I dipped my chips into my side of FLUFF I was convinced that those chips were the best thing to side by sandwich. If you want a simple PB concocted sandie - head to PB&Co.!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

3 - Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

LAST VISIT: 6/13/2010

HELLO - who doesn't like ice cream anywhere, at any time?!?!!? Listen, unless it is sugar free/fat free I am likely going to rate any ice cream at a 3. Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory's (BICF) selection was especially creamy...perhaps the creamiest I have ever had. I decided on Butter Pecan in a waffle cone...and it was DELISH! I did have an opportunity to sample Peaches & Cream, which was also super yummy. I do have to say that the thick creamy flavor/consistency travels over to each flavor. Each flavor has it's unique taste, but there is a similar after-taste overlay in it all their creams(this was also pointed out by some friends who joined in the BICF glutenous adventure). Needless to say, it melted, contained sugar and a high content of calories and my mouth and stomach were deeply thankful!