Tuesday, June 15, 2010

3 - Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

LAST VISIT: 6/13/2010    http://www.brooklynicecreamfactory.com/

HELLO - who doesn't like ice cream anywhere, at any time?!?!!? Listen, unless it is sugar free/fat free I am likely going to rate any ice cream at a 3. Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory's (BICF) selection was especially creamy...perhaps the creamiest I have ever had. I decided on Butter Pecan in a waffle cone...and it was DELISH! I did have an opportunity to sample Peaches & Cream, which was also super yummy. I do have to say that the thick creamy flavor/consistency travels over to each flavor. Each flavor has it's unique taste, but there is a similar after-taste overlay in it all their creams(this was also pointed out by some friends who joined in the BICF glutenous adventure). Needless to say, it melted, contained sugar and a high content of calories and my mouth and stomach were deeply thankful!

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  1. mmm sounds delish! I love ice cream, anytime, anywhere. :) Thanks for the great posts here on your blog.