Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2 - Vegetarian's Paradise 2 [Vegetarian: Pan-Asian & Pacific Rim]

LAST VISIT: 5/2009     http://www.menupages.com/restaurants/vegetarians-paradise-2/

For vegetarian food, this place is great! Overall I like the food, however, the ambiance of the restaurant is not my favorite - it is a little dark and a little outdated. I prefer the "chicken" dishes (especially the fried ones) over the "beef" dishes because the consistency and taste seem to be more like the real thing. Their menu is large offering many items choose from.

FYI - just because it is vegetarian doesn't mean it is more healthy. A lot has to go into that fake meat for you to think that it even compares to real meat - that means oil, frying, butter, etc.

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