Wednesday, June 30, 2010

3 - Good (Contemporary American)

An institution that puts "Good" on its awning better be able to deliver just that - Good food. And, I am happy to report that they have GREAT food. I recently visited for brunch with a group of friends and was able to try quite a few items and my tummy was full of deliciousness afterward. Pancakes with fresh peaches, Hand-rolled orange sour cream donuts, Blueberry almond bread, Pear pecan crumbcake, Basil and goat cheese egg scramble over sourdough with cherry tomatoes, asparagus and pesto, and Banana cream cheese stuffed French toast were among the things I was able to taste. Everything was delish and I am SO glad I was able to taste so many things. I like the decor of the restaurant - it has sort of a modern antique feeling to it...perfect for eating a great brunch!

LAST VISIT: 6/27/2010

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